The Search

Inspired by: Megan McDonald
By: Noa K.

"Why do you keep looking into your pocket like that?" Otto asked me as we walked down Diploma St.
"I just can't find my penny." I said, wondering if that penny would ever come back to me.
"But why are you so nervous about it? It's just a penny," said Otto.
"But it's my lucky penny!" I said, in frustration throwing down my bag of chips that we bought at the drug store down the corner. "okay," said Otto a little cautiously thinking that I'd throw a fit again. "Maybe I can help you find it, but it might be hard to find an ordinary penny somewhere laying around on the street." It's NOT ordinary!" I yelled. And I ran as fast as I could until the streets turned into a blur I raced up the 34 steps and threw open the door, making Momma and Rosie, my little sister jump out of there skin.
"Dinner's ready!" my momma said, breaking the silence as I stormed up to my room. "Rosie honey, can you help me set the table?"
"Ugh!" Rosie grunted, "why can't HE set the table! " She protested and pointed at me as I trudged up the stairs.

external image 251px-Penny-1.jpg

Dinner seemed like and endless hour of stuff that I hate to eat. VEGETABLES. They're disgusting! With a capitol D. When I get older I will write a petition against them.
"Eat." my momma snapped slicing through my thoughts like a butter knife. I picked at my food a little squashing the broccoli into mush and making it even more disgusting.
"Gross!" said Rosie grimacing at my plate of mushed mess. I just looked away and started shoveling centimeter-sized pieces of lima beans into my mouth.

After dinner, which seemed like forever, I went up to my room to search for my penny.

Ugh! I thought 15 minutes later giving up. I had looked EVERYWHERE! with a capitol E. Even though it's already capitalized. I don't understand why people in books always find stuff as soon as they look, maybe the author gets tired of writing descriptions about the places that the person looked. Yah, I think that's the reason.

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