The Penny Machine Malfunction Mystery

By: Owen
"Come up close and I'll tell you the tale of my penny machine malfunction mystery" said Grandpa
"After me and Otto had found a safe place to keep our magic penny we were still trying to find out how my face had gotten on the back of the penny. There were so many different things we had thought of that could have happened so we went to ask the Potato Man to ask for some help. He helped so much that we gave him 50 cents because he had narrowed down our choices from what seemed like 1,002 down to 2.
Here were the choices
1: That it was just dumb luck that it looked like my face.
2: That it was just a machine malfunction and it happened to turn out looking like
my face.
They were both plausible answers and had about a 50-50 chance. Both were related and one just had more detail but both had there reasons not to be the right choice. For example: What are the chances that I would end up getting that penny, plus, there's a slim chance that the machine making the penny would malfunction.
Tell me what you think happened and if you get it right you will be entered into a drawing for a mystery prize!

Write your answer here before Fri. the 4 of March.

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